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The Waiting Warriors Podcast

Sep 28, 2021

Military spouse Kristen Christy shares her touching story of losing her first husband to suicide and how that effected her and her family. Kristen's story is filled will darkness, but also and bright and powerful amount of hope for all in the military community. 

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Jun 21, 2021

A deployment is challenging enough, but a deployment during a pandemic presented many unique challenges for Charlotte and her family. She describes how she models reality and resilience to her children so they can work through their own personal life challenges.


"I don't think that we need to always be perfect and...

Jun 14, 2021

Jenn always felt the strength of "blue family", but it wasn't until her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that she saw the depth of those ties. She shares with us how the law enforcement community showed up in both big and small ways to support her husband and their family through their hardest challenges,...

Jun 7, 2021

In recognition of Memorial Day, Debbie shares the story of her son, Marc Lee, who willingly gave his life for others while serving as a Navy Seal. She explains the life she has chosen to live because of his example of love and service, and offers ways to honor and serve those who have sacrificed everything no matter...

May 28, 2021

Amy has made it her mission to explore the benefits of being outside every single day. She explains the direct influence she has seen it have on her own family and in her personal life.


"I have seen just countless benefits: mental health, physical health, relationships, creativity, grittiness, perseverance. You name...