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The Waiting Warriors Podcast

Nov 15, 2023

In this noteworthy episode of the Waiting Warriors podcast, host Michelle Bowler engages in a sincere conversation with Becky Hoy, an esteemed host of the Pillar Deployment Retreat.

 Together, they share their stories, tips, and thoughts about managing and leaning on one's unique experiences during the holidays, particularly when your service member is deployed.

Dive deep with Michelle and Becky as they explore the nuances of spending holidays solo as military spouses, the art of maintaining connections from afar with deployed loved ones, and the power of community support.

More importantly, learn to redefine your holiday experience, accepting and embracing the fact that it may not look the same but can still be special.

Whether you're preparing for the upcoming holiday season or in need of comfort as you sail through it, this episode is infused with insights that can shed light on your journey.

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