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The Waiting Warriors Podcast

Dec 6, 2023

Join this interview with Michelle Bowler as she delves into the fascinating world of military spouses and the uncertainty that often colors their lives. In this episode, she hosts an enriching conversation with military spouse and life coach, Michaela Rosales.

Together, these military spouses tackle topics such as navigating transition periods, managing expectations, and surviving the military life's often taxing uncertainties. They discuss the importance of establishing goals, overcoming obstacles, and seeking support when necessary.

Furthermore, they examine the hard-earned wisdom that comes from enduring challenging times. The conversation is brimming with heartfelt stories, insightful discussions, and practical strategies to thrive through the unpredictable journey of being a military spouse.

Tune in as Michaela and Michelle offer inspiration and real-world advice to those seeking to understand and manage the unique challenges of being part of a military family.


 00:00 Introduction and Podcast Revival

01:27 Interview with Special Guest Michaela

02:07 Navigating Uncertainties of Military Spouse Life

03:26 Michaela's Personal Experiences and Challenges

08:17 The Impact of Uncertainties on Mental Health

13:28 Tools and Strategies to Handle Uncertainties

18:38 The Importance of Setting Priorities and Goals

20:37 Balancing Personal Life and Military Spouse Life

24:11 Understanding the Wheel of Life

24:57 Client Story: Overcoming Job Stress

26:41 The Importance of Mindset and Willingness to Change

29:51 The Role of Expectations in Relationships

39:33 The Power of Reaching Out and Asking for Help

41:46 Closing Remarks and Contact Information

41:59 Introducing Group Coaching Community with Michaela