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The Waiting Warriors Podcast

Dec 12, 2023

In this episode, two military spouses Michelle Bowler and Shannon Leyko, talk about the importance of embracing individual normality and not conforming to societal standards in one's personal journey, especially in the military community.

A crucial topic is discussed where the speaker shares a personal story of experiencing grief and the importance of taking time to heal and grieve. 

The conversation then shifts to welcoming the journey of motherhood, adopting, and raising children as a military spouse. 

They also touch on topics like relationships, careers, fitness, living as military spouses, and more. 

A key theme in this conversation is learning and relearning that normalcy varies for different people and that's okay.

 In the end, embracing your individual journey and having control over your life is what truly matters.

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00:00 Welcome Back to the Waiting Warriors Podcast 

00:14 The Journey of Healing and Reconnecting

01:40 Introducing Guest Shannon Leyko

01:49 Shannon's Life as an Author and Mother

02:22 The Unique Story of Shannon's Family

03:31 The Inspiration Behind Shannon's Book

05:02 Shannon's Personal Journey as a Military Spouse and Lessons

06:40 The Impact of Moving to Alaska Because of the Military

12:01 The Importance of Living in the Moment As A Military Spouse

15:02 The Role of Relationships in Military Spouse Life

18:28 Adoption and Cultural Differences

20:17 Embracing Our Weirdness and Building Relationships as a Military Spouse

20:38 The Struggle of Making New Friends as a Military Spouse

21:29 Overcoming the Awkwardness of New Relationships Between Military Spouses

22:22 The Misconception of Being 'Behind' in Life for Military Spouse

22:43 The Power of Realizing 'Normal' Difficulties of Military Spouse Life

23:27 The Importance of Taking Control of Your Military Spouse Life

24:28 The Struggles and Triumphs of Balancing Motherhood and Career

24:37 The Power of Taking Control and Making Friends

25:25 The Importance of Inviting Yourself and Taking Initiative as a Military Spouse

29:29 The Journey of Losing Weight While Balancing Life

32:15 The Struggles and Triumphs of Being a Military Spouse

36:34 The Importance of Creating Your Own Normal as a Military Spouse

37:04 The Importance of Celebrating Everyday Life

38:01 The Power of Gratitude and Celebrating Small Wins

41:00 The Struggles and Triumphs of Being a Military Spouse