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The Waiting Warriors Podcast

Apr 19, 2019

“The tools are right in front of us, and no one should ever feel like they don’t have those tools to engage and flourish with their child.” Kara Kriete 


Kara shares with us how important and possible it is for all Waiting Warrior families to have not only positive open communication with their children, but also...

Apr 8, 2019

“I wish I had kind of just been more true to my authentic self. I wish I had held onto that earlier in my life, that yes we can be supportive of our spouses and supportive of our military – and I am – but it doesn’t have to take over my own life. There’s a place for me to be who I am in the midst of all of...

Apr 2, 2019

This week's episode is the introduction to the theme of the month that will be running on @TheWaitingWarrior social media accounts. Throughout the month I'll be sharing products and tips but today I wanted to share one of the biggest ways I've taken a mental load off of my Waiting Warrior self. 

Don't forget I'll be...