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The Waiting Warriors Podcast

Apr 27, 2020

“Being a military spouse, or being a first responder spouse, is a hat you put on. It’s not who you are. And it does become a part of your identity, but it cannot become your identity.” Serena West from @ShopWestHouse

Serena is no stranger to feeling of realizing that the life you envisioned for yourself is impossible while being a Waiting Warrior. But after years of wearing too many hats that weren't serving her, she figured out how to focus on the things that helped her most. You won't want to miss this solid, actionable and motivating advice! 

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I also want share something that’s really helped me lately called Productivity Bootcamp created by Jordan Page. If you are feeling constantly behind on life, anxious, stressed, disorganized, or like you’re burning out I have something I really think will help you. I was there, swallowed up by so many changes, kids, and things that were all good, but I couldn’t seem to figure out how to make things work. But then I found an online course called Productivity Bootcamp and it has helped me figure out so many things. What I love most and why I’m sharing with you all is that this course is moldable to your life. I do have an affiliate link ( or on my instagram bio f you’d like to support the podcast . Please know, I am very particular about about what companies I let sponsor the podcast because I truly only want to share things that will help you guys thrive, and I know this is one of those things so go check out those links!