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The Waiting Warriors Podcast

Feb 27, 2024

In this podcast episode from Waiting Warriors, host Michelle Bowler engages in an insightful discussion with guest Amanda Scott, a military spouse, on the challenges and possibilities of maintaining one's career amidst the unpredictable and hectic TDY schedule. Michelle and Amanda offer actionable advice on building resilience, leveraging opportunities like remote work, and remaining proactive to ensure that careers are not solely dictated by military life. Amanda also discusses her personal experiences, underscoring the importance of mindset, openness with superiors, flexibility, and planning ahead to ensure career progress.


00:00 Introduction to the Waiting Warriors Podcast

00:39 Guest Introduction: Amanda Scott

01:01 Understanding the Impact of TDYs on Military Spouses

01:26 Amanda's Career Journey and the Role of RTX

02:10 The Challenges of Maintaining a Career Amidst TDYs

04:17 Defining 'Career' and 'Maintaining' in the Context of Military Life

05:07 Amanda's Personal Experience with Career Progression and Military Impact

11:43 Strategies for Maintaining a Career During TDYs

17:31 Examples of Workplace Accommodations for Military Spouses

20:23 Workplace Accommodations for Military Spouses

20:53 Understanding FMLA and Its Benefits

22:33 The Importance of Having a Plan

25:16 Advocacy and Communication in the Workplace

30:24 Overcoming Challenges and Thriving in Your Career

36:12 Connecting with Resources for Career-Minded Military Spouses

37:47 Amanda's Key To Thriving