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The Waiting Warriors Podcast

Feb 13, 2024

In this episode of The Waiting Warriors Podcast, host Michelle Bowler interviews Tiffany Kelly, a military spouse of 23 years with vast experience in juggling career, parenting, and the ins and outs of military life. The conversation revolves around the need to openly communicate the challenges that come along with deployments, reintegration, and shifting family dynamics. They delve into the importance of networking and connections, their experiences as military spouses, and how seeking compassion rather than understanding can lead to more supportive communities. Tiffany encourages listeners to find meaningful connections away from the internet and shares her experiences in various supportive spaces, like spouses' clubs. Additionally, a discussion on misconceptions related to rank and the need to embrace vulnerability within the military community is shared. 

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00:00 Introduction to The Waiting Warriors Podcast

00:40 Guest Introduction: Tiffany Kelly

01:04 The Reality of Military Life: Admitting the Hardships

02:00 Tiffany's Personal Journey and Challenges

04:50 The Importance of Open Communication and Support

06:11 The Struggles of Being a Military Spouse

08:55 The Misconception of 'Knowing What You Signed Up For'

15:56 The Need for Compassion and Understanding

18:43 The Impact of Military Life on Family

22:00 Advice for Voicing Concerns and Struggles

24:43 The Power of Human Connection Over Online Interactions

26:20 Finding Resources and Support Within Your Community

26:58 The Impact of Online Criticism and the Importance of Real-Life Interactions

28:13 The Importance of In-Person Communication and Compassion

29:57 The Struggles of Military Spouses and the Need for Understanding

34:24 The Challenges of Reintegration After Deployment

36:46 The Role of Senior Spouses in Advocacy and Support

40:57 The Importance of Getting Out and Connecting with Others

46:29 The Power of Compassion and Connection in the Military Spouse Community

48:19 Conclusion: Thriving as a Military Spouse Through Connection and Compassion