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The Waiting Warriors Podcast

Jan 30, 2024

n this episode of The Waiting Warriors Podcast with host Michelle Bowler, special guest Liz talks about effectively managing personal and professional goals while being a military spouse during deployment and training seasons. Liz shares tips to establish boundaries, set and achieve goals, and get comfortable with the quiet.
The conversation delves into topics of developing communication and dealing with challenges. The Podcast discusses striving for balance, keeping open channels of communication, maintaining healthy family dynamics, and being kind to yourself during this often-difficult military lifestyle.
Connect with Liz: 
Connect with The Waiting Warriors: 
00:00 Introduction and Overview
00:50 Welcome to the Waiting Warriors Podcast
01:48 Interview with Liz: Balancing Personal and Professional Goals
02:08 The Challenges of Being a Military Spouse
04:50 Liz's Journey as a Military Spouse and Business Owner
06:53 Tactical Advice for Balancing Work and Life
12:23 The Importance of Reframing and Redefining Success
14:34 Dealing with Unexpected Challenges
16:25 The Power of Gratitude and Open Communication
19:26 Striving for a Happy and Peaceful Retirement
22:32 Us Versus the Problem: A Mindset for Conflict Resolution
24:08 Embracing the Hardships
24:22 Making the Most of Difficult Situations
24:43 Experiences in 29 Palms
26:17 Setting and Managing Professional Goals
28:46 Balancing Work and Personal Life
30:05 Facing Loneliness and Embracing Stillness
31:19 Managing Professional Life During Deployment
34:08 Maintaining Boundaries and Building Resilience
37:25 Balancing Travel and Family Life
41:16 Key to Thriving: Embracing Individual Days
43:10 Connecting with Liz
43:39 Closing Remarks and Sponsor Message